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Definition Of Fuck Shit

Last night I went to the Libra w/ my cousin. He was there to film the showcase. A talent show without the judges, basically. About 5 different crews were in the building to perform, & these niggas came deep. 20-30 people, all wearing the same shirts, you know. It was some pretty good talent out there last night, I liked the majority of the acts that performed. Around 2:00, Duct Tape showed up. One of their lesser known artists was gonna perform. At this point in the night, their had already been like two fights, followed by a fucking stampede of people getting the fuck outta the way cuz they thought somebody was gonna get shot. Both times. Everything went back to normal. Duct Tape takes the stage. The artist, I’m guessing, gets on the mic & starts talking hella shit. “Y’all niggas ain’t bout that life!” “Get stomped out in this bitch!”, & all kinds of other disrespectful shit. Then he starts chanting, “WE ON DAT FUCK SHIT! WE ON DAT FUCK SHIT! WE ON DAT FUCK SHIIIIIT!” I’m just like, hmmm, this isn’t looking like a safe enviornment anymore. Lol. Boom. Another fight breaks out. Followed by another stampede of niggas getting outta the way. Lights come on, music goes off, they say party is shut down. Now, Duct Tape is still on the stage. Buddy’s mic is still on, & he says “I don’t think you want to do that Plug (the dj).” “Play the song, or we gon fuck this bitch up!”. As soon as I heard that, I’m like, thats my Q to get the fuck outta here. Lol. I go outside to wait for my cousin. Security is running around, police kicking everybody out, more stampeding. Shit was wild, but I had fun. Outside the club, you know how shit goes, niggas be parking lot pimping. I’m just posted up w/ a few people waiting on my cousin. I was kinda posted up next to this Charger, two girls hop out the back & say “bye Trouble”. Put two & two together & I realize that its Trouble of Duct Tape sitting in this Charger. I’m like, holy shit, thats fucking Trouble! I was bumping his shit on the way to this mother fucker! I straight up had a groupie moment, & was like Riley from The Boondocks. Like, “I wanna go over there, but I don’t wanna dick ride, knawmsaying”. “I’ll just go over there & be like ‘wattup Trouble’, knawmsaying, like, not really all on his sack or nothing”. Lmao! Overall, though, it was a good night last night in Zone 6.

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Let Them Tell It - Trouble

I done been round these rap niggas who claim they from the streets/ claim they in the streets, claim they packing heat/ then I shot up them same niggas videos, made em clear the block/ no more gangsta music after that, nigga went pop

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Trouble ft. Gucci Mane - Everyday [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]


That boy Will-A-Fool making some moves. After securing a few production slots on Gucci’s “Trap Back” mixtape he links back up with the Ice Cream man as he yet again joins forces with Duct Tape soldier Trouble. Trouble’s “431 Days” mixtape is coming March 27th. This shit SLAPS!

Download: Trouble ft. Gucci Mane - Everyday [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]

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431 Days Trailer - Trouble

Trouble Trouble back with another one. Dropping on 3/27 (thats my lil brothers b-day). On that day Trouble will be 431 Days free (duh). His first mixtape, Dec. 17 (the day he was released, duh) was hard as hell. A lot of jams on there, very well put together. My guess is this one will be good, if not better than the first one. Cuz the last one, Green Light, was… Smh, disappointing. That one just seemed like a bunch of songs thrown together, not really any theme or direction to it. But, I have faith in this one. Just from watching the trailer you can tell he knows what time it is. Gotta take it back to the basics, as Yo Gotti would say.

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