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Patnaz Got Stretches - Trouble ft. Alley Boy

How y’all gon give a nigga 5 on top of when ya die? 

You’re gonna be hearing this duo for a long time. You can hear the pain in these niggas voices, & that’s what made me start to compare them to Boosie & Webbie. Too many parallels between them for me to avoid it. Go listen to his Dec. 17 mixtape. 

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When I Die - Alley Boy

Real shit right chea. I’m tryna tell ya Alley coming for Lil Boosie spot, if you get what I’m saying. He’s on his way to becoming southern rap royalty.

Throw up a prayer for a playa, on the day they merk me

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Fake Nigga - Alley Boy

I’m fucking w/ Duct Tape hard right now. They’re picking up right where Trill Ent. left off: Alley Boy & Trouble are the new Lil Boosie & Webbie, Duct Tape is the new Trill Ent. If these boys can stay outta trouble w/ the law, man, watch out.

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