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Behind The Scenes @ Harry Potter video shoot

The Grand Hustle bench squad. Spodee, I haven’t heard enough (any) solo material from him to give my thoughts. Rich Kidd Shawty (T.I.’s cousin or nephew), he has a few songs that could or could’ve gotten him out there (Get Yo Girl & Wanna Win, both ft. T.I. He’s on FuckDaCityUp, too). He can rap, so he’ll get in where he fits in. Yung Booke, the newest Grand Hustle signee. He has the most potential out of the three. His first mixtape, Airborne Academy, was on point (his second mixtape was meh status). He made some good songs (I posted some of them a while back), so he can make a hit. It’s some pretty good talent over at Grand Hustle. Hopefully, they give these guys a shot. I think they have a compilation mixtape droppin soon.

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