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Preview: Under the Influence Tour

I’ll be honest, I was a little uneasy about traveling to St. Louis while people were rioting and protesting, but I’m really glad that I did. The entire venue was flowing with love and positivity, that I’ve never felt safer. I didn’t see anyone arguing or fighting, just everyone having a good time and enjoying the music. I wanted to feature Young Jeezy and Dj Drama in the preview because they have shown an unbelievable amount of support for Mike Brown and the movement. Especially Jeezy. He’s been showing support since day 1 when it all went down. He even made it his mission to come down the Quick Trip where it all began. And no, this was not a publicity stunt by any means. He didn’t tell anyone he was  going to visit Ferguson until he posted the picture onto twitter. Jeezy gave a powerful speech about staying positive and sticking together while everyone had their lighters in the air in remembrance of Michael Brown. Dj Drama also had a everyone bow their heads and have a moment of silence. This concert will be in the history books.

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