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Farewell - J. Cole

if I should die, Lord, this here is my will/ reincarnate a nigga, send me right back to the Ville/ let me re-live my younger days just once again/ re-enact my memories from every friend to every sin/ keeping demons buried in my closet/ but, bet I put in work like a deposit on my bank account/ my eyes lit while I think about my childhood/ now, I’m blanking out, those were truly my best days/ the only thing I had to stress was how the hell to get laid/ gradually turning into stressing how the hell to get paid/ then making songs, so long, now how the hell to get played…

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The Autograph - J. Cole

They say anythings possible, you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles

A album 10 dollars, you act like its 10g’s/ this food for thought cost the same as two number three’s/ so at ease with that broke shit, we all tryna get a dollar, boy, no shit

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